Young Netflix Stars Who Are Going To Rule Hollywood One Day

The future is bright for these breakout Netflix stars. Whether they’re starring on hit TV shows, a mind-blowing limited series, or a popular movie, these young celebrities have made quite the splash on the streaming juggernaut. While you may know the names of a few of these Netflix darlings, you might simply recognize others by the roles they’ve portrayed on the streaming service’s original productions.But all of that is about to change. If you don’t know the names of the actors and actresses on this list, well you will soon enough. Not only have these fresh faces earned massive critical acclaim, but some of them even held their own alongside A-list celebrities. In fact, most of these rising stars have already taken over Netflix and soon enough, they’ll be taking over the silver screen and all the big red carpet events too.It’s no secret that Netflix boasts an impressive roster of talented stars. From the cast of Stranger Things, to The Kissing Booth hunks, to the beloved stars of Outer Banks, there is plenty to love and lust over here. In fact, we are certain these breakout celebrities are poised to rule Hollywood one. Seriously. Just check out the list below and see for yourself.

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