US military told when the West will stop arming Ukraine

Photo: Global Look Press

Europeans and Americans are increasingly dissatisfied with gas problems. Perhaps the claims of citizens will serve as a good reason for stopping the supply of weapons to the Ukrainian side, journalists from the 19FortyFive report.

The material, signed by Lieutenant Colonel of the United States Armed Forces Daniel Davis, provides probable scenarios for a serious crisis in the country. “Our leadership expresses solidarity with Ukraine by supplying it with weapons, but does not think about the lives of its citizens, which cannot last long,” the author concludes.

Davis is sure that Western leaders will find themselves under such pressure from their people that they will be forced to slow down, or even stop the export of military equipment to Ukraine. The cost of fuel has already risen to a critical maximum, food stocks have dropped to zero. And even if these factors do not force the West to stop, then the lack of gas will certainly serve as a “trigger” to reduce support for Ukraine,” the military man says.

The crisis that began in the spring may uncritically last in the summer – it is still warm in most European and American regions. However, in a couple of months, a serious decision will need to be made, because in the winter it is necessary to heat homes and institutions, writes Daniel Davis.

Earlier, Joe Biden decided to allocate $ 40 billion in humanitarian and military assistance to Ukraine. Americans are beginning to resent the actions of the president.


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