Ukrainian Armed Forces decided to cut off Kherson: new tactics of Kyiv became known

American missiles are not able to completely destroy Soviet structures

In Kherson, the Antonovsky bridge, built back in the USSR, connecting the two banks of the Dnieper, was closed to traffic. At night, the Armed Forces of Ukraine carried out a missile attack on him from the Hymars  –  American-made multiple launch rocket systems. Despite the active work of air defense, part of the missiles nevertheless reached their goal, damaging the roadbed of the bridge – numerous holes and craters from shells are visible in it. It is not known for sure whether the supports of the structure were damaged. Ukrainian media report that the blow to the Kherson bridges — eve of the “counteroffensive”. 

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 The return of Kherson and other liberated territories has become an obsession for the Armed Forces of Ukraine.  For this, President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky is ready to sacrifice the inhabitants of the region. And we are talking not only about bridges, which most often transported not military equipment, but humanitarian aid. “The Office of the President is forced to take risks, – reports the well-known Ukrainian Telegram channel “Resident”, –  they are aware of the possible consequences of the destruction of the Kakhovka dam, but without the destruction of the bridges across the Dnieper, it is impossible to launch the Battle for Kherson operation, and the counteroffensive will fail.»

Political scientists and social networks are divided into two camps. Some believe that the Armed Forces of Ukraine are indeed preparing for an active attack on Kherson. This should show the West that the Ukrainian army can do more than retreat. Others believe that the loud statements of Kyiv –  just a scam,  advertise the real offensive  no one will. 

Antonovsky bridge is really damaged, but not destroyed. The current authorities of Kherson are already planning to restore it. Here is how Kirill Stremousov, deputy head of the Kherson Regional State Administration, commented on the night attacks: I want to reassure many. The bridge is standing. The bridge was indeed shelled, but that does not mean that we should somehow be afraid of someone there. 

In Kherson itself, rumors are possible that the Armed Forces of Ukraine will attack until the Ukrainian “liberators” panic. they don't wait there.  "During the five months of the presence of Russian soldiers in the city, I have never heard a bad word from them,– tells a local resident Elena in the Telegram channel «VGA Kherson region», – all polite, fast, efficient. And I went to the Crimea, and through checkpoints to Novaya Kakhovka, and they checked our garage, so what? Time is – military. And for a month now, equipment has not been delivered over this bridge, there is Novaya Kakhovka, and railway tracks. Therefore, with its fabulous offensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, it is better to stay at home. «Closing the Antonovsky Bridge – it's unpleasant, but expected, – shared with “MK” thoughts of a resident of Kherson Alexey, – Especially when your opponent – Ukrainian nationalist. Logistics for local residents and carriers will be complicated. Including trucks with food and humanitarian aid, they will have to make a short detour. 

Do you think Kherson will be able to restore the Antonovsky bridge on its own in a short time?

– Professional bridge builders with equipment  it is necessary to call from the Russian Federation so that there are teams on duty and close up all holes promptly. The locals can't cope, there are no such specialists here.

On how to protect the city from the Armed Forces of Ukraine, “MK” said a well-known military expert, director of the Museum of Air Defense Forces Yuri Knutov.

“The first raid they made was under the cover of Smerch missiles, ended with one hit out of twelve, – says the expert. – The next day, all missiles were shot down. We have air defense systems that can work on strike missiles. Another thing is that they may not be enough. The complex that completed the task on the Haymars should be a priority for our systems to combat MLRS»

Ukraine's attack on the bridges of Kherson – is this a sign of a coming attack?

– They already tried to do it just two days ago. Even Arestovich admitted that the attack had bogged down. A blow was struck by Russian aviation and artillery – APU retreated. They need to work off the money and arms supplies that the Kyiv regime receives, which is why Zelensky announced the task of restoring control over the territories of Ukraine. 

They talk about it openly. Is there some trick to this?

– If this is not announced, the already low morale of the soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine will be completely catastrophic. The troops will simply surrender without a fight. Therefore, fighting spirit is supported in Kyiv with statements about future victories.

For example, a pontoon crossing. She also needs to be covered from the air, otherwise she will also become a target for a strike. It solves the same problems as the bridge, but its minus is that it oscillates under the driver, it needs some skill and preparation. Well, you need to build a road to it, at the entrance and exit, and this road will be unpaved.

How can you prepare the city for the coming counteroffensive?

– We need more drones: reconnaissance, strike and kamikaze. They must look at the front line. As soon as a launch has taken place from the territory of the enemy, information is sent to our complexes, and after a few minutes, a retaliatory strike is struck at the coordinates transmitted by the drone. Well, it should be the work of special forces. He must actively work on enemy territory, detect deployment sites and disable equipment

– Artillery preparation and air strike precede any offensive. Ukraine is not able to deliver an air strike, and for a massive artillery strike it is necessary to gather in one place a large amount of military equipment, which is easy to detect and destroy with aircraft or missiles of the Caliber, Onyx, Iskander type

– If they justify the hopes that are placed on them, this will improve the situation, increase the number of destroyed or disabled MLRS. Drones – eyes and ears of missilemen, they allow you to detect the enemy and hit him with high accuracy.


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