TV Shows That Have Delayed Production Due To Coronavirus

Brace yourselves, TV fanatics!From network TV, to cable shows, to streaming service staples, plenty of small screen favorites have had to either halt or delay production due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic. While some TV shows were unable to wrap up their seasons ⏤ being forced to air shortened seasons ⏤ others didn’t even get a chance to move past pre-production. This means a ton of new shows which were expected to begin filming earlier this year have been delayed by months or even indefinitely.It’s clear Coronavirus has hit Hollywood hard. Much of it is a waiting game at this point, depending on how long it takes for things to get better. Originally the delays in production were believed to be temporary but that expectation has changed based on how the pandemic has impacted the TV industry. From The Walking Dead, to the Friends reunion special, to Stranger Things, tons of popular and highly-anticipated programs will be airing much later than anticipated. It’s truly a bummer, but alas it is what it is. Since a number of shows have been suspended until further notice, we compiled a list so you could keep track of when your favorite TV shows might be returning. Enjoy and you’re most welcome!

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