Things You Never Knew About ‘Memento’

Memento, the film deemed too confusing by nearly every studio in Hollywood, became a surprise hit in 2001. It launched the career of director/co-writer Christopher Nolan, who would become arguably the greatest filmmaker of the 21st century. Memento is where it all began.The studios that passed on Memento couldn’t see Nolan’s vision. And they would regret their collective decision. Famously, the film begins at the end and tells its story in reverse. It’s about a man without a short-term memory, Leonard, and his quest to find his wife’s killer. The simple story is woven with a linear subplot in which Leonard reveals his history through a distorted memory. Nolan masterfully makes sense of it all.Twenty years later, we’ve had plenty of time to dissect Memento and discover its secrets. Here are 20 things you never knew about the Christopher Nolan’s film, in no particular chronological order.

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