Things You Never Knew About ‘Jerry Maguire’

Admit it, you love Jerry Maguire. Everyone does. Writer/director Cameron Crowe has always known how to appeal to all sides and Jerry Maguire is the perfect example. It transcends mere “chick flick” status. Set in the high stakes and very masculine world of big money sports agents, Crowe manages to create a memorable romance from nothing when an impulsive secretary quits her job along with her fired bossThat boss is, of course, Jerry Maguire. The secretary is Dorothy Boyd and the two set off on a new business venture that leads to romance, heartbreak and romance again. Played by Oscar nominee Tom Cruise, Jerry is a combustible combination of slick, savvy, and hopeless. His love interest (Renée Zellweger) is grounded, but also hopeless (in the romance department). Much of the movie’s fun is watching these two talented actors play off one another as their dynamic, both business and personal, runs the gamut of emotions.Crowe’s style is more on the sweet side and Jerry Maguire is certainly that. But it’s also heartwarming, funny, sad, and inspirational. This year marks the film’s 25th anniversary and we thought we’d look back at some fun facts about it you never knew.

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