These Rege-Jean Page Photos Would Even Make Lady Whistledown Blush

Being a mega heartthrob isn’t easy, but Regé-Jean Page has got it down to a science. From his dashing good looks, to his charismatic onscreen performances, to his rock-hard abs, this man knows a thing or two about making people weak in the knees. That’s probably why everyone and their mother is fuming over his absence in the forthcoming second season of Netflix’s hit period drama Bridgerton.The brooding hero with the twinkling eyes and killer smile quickly became everyone’s favorite Internet boyfriend thanks to the runaway success of Shonda Rhimes’ latest series, Bridgerton. Let’s just say the obsession is real. While this popular book-to-TV adaptation transformed Page into a household name, he’s actually been in the acting game for years. You might remember him as Leonard Knox on ABC’s short-lived drama series For the People or as Chicken George in Roots. While you figure out who to drool over in Season 2 of Bridgerton, we’ve got a little something, something to hold you over until Page stars in his next big project. That’s right, folks, we’ve compiled the ultimate collection of photos which illustrate just how swoon-worthy Regé-Jean Page truly is. Seriously, these pics could leave Lady Whistledown panting for air.

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