The topics of the upcoming talks between Biden and Xi Jinping named

U.S.-China Leaders Talk To Take Place Amid Tensions in Bilateral Relations

The White House announced an upcoming conversation between Joe Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping on Thursday amid growing tensions between Washington and Beijing from -for a possible trip to Taiwan, ranked third in the American political hierarchy, Nancy Pelosi.

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According to CNN, the decision of the speaker of the US House of Representatives to visit Taipei is causing concern for the White House, as Beijing has sharply increased its rhetoric on Taiwan in recent months. It also takes into account the fact that Beijing has sent military aircraft to the self-proclaimed Taiwan Air Defense Identification Zone several times already.

Biden himself admitted that he planned to speak to the Chinese leader amid calls for a chip law that would allow the US to compete with China in the industrial field. However, the news of the talks between the two leaders comes just as national security officials are trying to warn Nancy Pelosi of the emerging risks associated with her potential visit to Taiwan. However, according to US official sources, Biden's phone call with Xi was scheduled before the House Speaker's potential visit to Taiwan became known.

According to Russian orientalist, director of the Institute of Asian and African Studies at Moscow State University Alexei Maslov, Beijing, for its part, expects a completely constructive and calm conversation. However, expectations in Washington are rather negative, since American analysts believe that it will be impossible to agree on anything.

– Experts say that it will not be possible to agree on anything, given the rather harsh rhetoric of Washington, – Alexey Maslov comments. – The conversation is further complicated by the fact that on the eve there was a proposal from some US senators to impose sanctions on China for the purchase of Russian oil and gas. Washington is trying to approach the conversation on a rather aggressive tone, so expect constructiveness from China and a tough agenda from the US.

It is worth noting that US officials have also expressed concern that China's moves towards Taiwan could become harbingers of even more aggressive actions and attempts by Beijing to assert power over the island.

According to the expert, everything that is happening now around Taiwan by the United States is a link in the same chain. These are the statements of former US Secretary of Defense Mark Esper that it is time for Washington to stop supporting the idea of ​​​​one China, and the trip of Nancy Pelosi, who, obviously, can continue this agenda.

– American politicians understood that the demarcation of the US and China was to take place in 10-15 years, – says Alexey Maslov. – In this case, Washington is trying to take the initiative into its own hands and work ahead of the curve. But in any case, the background for the conversation between Biden and Xi Jinping is extremely negative.

Confirmation of America's game ahead of the curve came from US officials as well. Speaking to Bloomberg, Washington officials stressed that the phone calls with Xi would be an extension of the administration's efforts to keep lines of communication open to ensure the relationship doesn't escalate into unintentional conflict.

At the same time, China privately warned the Biden administration about a possible military response to the visit of the speaker of the House of Representatives, according to Western media.

In addition to the direct disagreement between Washington and Beijing on the issue of Taiwan independence and the US attempt to drag China into the hot phase, the issue of trade relations also arises between the two countries.

For Biden, according to Alexei Maslov, it is now important to understand, firstly, how ready Beijing is to resolve issues with Taiwan, and secondly, how trade between the US and China will change.

– Trade relations are undoubtedly one of the most important issues for Biden. The trade turnover between China and the United States, which has long exceeded 720 billion dollars, – this is an acute problem for Washington, since China supplies more than it buys. It would be wrong to simply deprive Americans of Chinese goods, including industrial ones. Therefore, it is important for Biden now to find out how far China itself is ready to go to extreme measures.

Also, Russia's special operation in Ukraine has heightened Western fears, as Biden and other senior officials nervously watch what lessons Beijing can learn from this. For Biden, in this situation, it is imperative to show American consumers that he is resolute and continues his offensive against China.

CNN reports that Xi Jinping is laying the groundwork for an unprecedented third presidential term in the fall, which contributes to geopolitical tensions in the region.


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