The psychologist told me when to give a relationship with an ex a second chance

Psychologist Elena Milto, Ph.D. >According to her, to begin with, it is worth understanding what the pros and cons were in the relationship. Only after that you can make a decision, the psychologist added.

The expert noted that such relationships can be given a chance if you want to continue them not for the sake of children, reputation or because of guilt, but for the sake of yourself and the desire to be with this person together.

Milto added that you can renew a relationship with an ex-partner if together you have identified mistakes, violations of boundaries, as well as a failure of the rules of existence in past relationships and are ready to fix everything.

In addition, the psychologist emphasized that on the desire to get closer, which only one partner shows, relationships can be built, but they will not be about love, but about something other. She also added that it is worth renewing relationships if they lack manipulative steps and gestures.

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