The Most Tragic TV & Movie Breakups Ever

While we absolutely love watching a good romance play out onscreen, nothing can mess with our emotions as much as watching two meant-to-be characters break up. After watching these characters fight for love and give it their all, it feels downright depressing when things don’t work out. After all, we watch these programs for escapism and not to remind us of our daily problems!From the heartwrenching scene where Kurt and Blaine were Klaine no more on Glee, the moment Tom in (500) Days of Summer knew his fling with Summer was over, or when PLL’s Spencer sat outside Toby’s fire escape sobbing, good scriptwriters know exactly how to emotionally destroy us with one breakup scene. The likes of Legacies’ Posie, Allie and Noah from The Notebook, and Kat and Patrick in 10 Things I Hate About You are some of the most devastating onscreen breakups that have us reaching for the tissues just about every single time we watch them. For those moments when you want to be left alone in your feelings, we’ve decided to break down the most tragic TV and movie breakups of all time. Just be sure to have a pile of Kleenex on-hand first.

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