The Most Predictable Reality TV Breakups

Let’s be real: No one is shocked about these reality TV breakups.After all, finding true love onscreen is as rare as getting a good haircut. While there are plenty of horny, messy, and shady people dying to get their fifteen minutes of fame, the viewers can usually spot a dumpster fire when they see one. Of course, we’re talking about all the crazy hotties vying for someone special on a dating show. Then there are the couples who are willing to put their long-term relationships or marriages out there for the world to see and judge. Is this a good idea? Well, history says no but that doesn’t prevent all reality TV stars from taking the plunge.Clearly being on camera comes with a price. For some, it’s in the form of a horrible, public breakup. Very few reality TV stars manage to go their separate ways amicably. Most succumb to a he-said-she-said screaming match which can drag on for a long time. Throw social media into the mix and you’ve truly got a recipe for disaster. Whether someone’s caught cheating, stealing, or is simply reeling to get out their relationship, there’s plenty of drama for us to dissect. Scroll down to see which reality TV breakups everyone and their mother saw coming.

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