The Ministry of Justice excluded four coordinators of the “Voice” from the list of media-foreign agents

The Ministry of Justice named their statements and “documents received from authorized state authorities” as the basis for exclusion. In total, six people have already been excluded from the list of media-foreign agents. The Ministry of Justice has excluded four Golos coordinators from the list of foreign media agents” />

All of them are coordinators of the “Voice” movement. (recognized as a foreign agent).

“This decision was made on the basis of applications for exclusion, as well as documents received from authorized state authorities,” — reported the department.

According to RBC Grezev, who is the traffic coordinator in the Sverdlovsk region, he was removed from the list after requests from him and colleagues in January — milestone “wasn't there for more than a year”.

“We took advantage of this right. The Ministry of Justice waited for the maximum— three months— and made that decision. I marked the messages, now you don't have to — this is probably the happiest moment. I have a positive attitude towards this, but I am not deceived, — said Grezev.

“Everyone who was expelled,” mdash; two the week before last and four this week— applied for an exemption. I'm glad this circus is over. But according to our legislation, we still remain persons affiliated with foreign agents, — said RBC coordinator of “Voice” Ilya Pigalkin in the Ivanovo Region.

RBC turned to Vladimir Zhilkin and Alexander Lyutov for comments.

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Last week, two people were excluded from the register of media-foreign agents for the first time— Arkady Lyubarev and Lyudmila Kuzmin. They are also members of The Voice. Thus, 144 people remain in the register.

The register of media-foreign agents was replenished for the last time on April 22. Then eight people got there, including the editor-in-chief of Echo of Moscow; Alexei Venediktov and journalist Alexander Nevzorov, against whom a case was also initiated about fakes about the actions of the Russian army.

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