The Ministry of Industry and Trade named brands that will return to Russia “from the back door”

According to the Prime agency, lawyer Pavel Utkin, in an interview with journalists, named legal ways for the return of some foreign brands to Russia that had previously left the country due to the sanctions policy of Western countries.


According to the expert, the Ministry of Industry and Trade has already developed a list of brands that can be supplied and sold on the territory of Russia on the terms of parallel imports.

Currently, there are already about 200 companies in it and it will be replenished at the expense of IT companies and auto concerns, which will allow the departed brands to return to our country.

“When sanctioned by the Ministry of Industry and Trade … instead of an accredited supplier of goods from manufacturer, which is prohibited from importing products, it will be supplied through & nbsp; alternative channels, that is, “in gray” , – said Utkin.


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