The Ministry of Defense called the reports of mobilization in Russia a lie

The Ministry of Defense assured that the units participating in the military operation in Ukraine are enough to complete the tasks 756588483536734.jpg” alt=”The Ministry of Defense called the reports of mobilization in Russia a lie” />

The Ministry of Defense accused “some foreign media” in the dissemination of false information about the conduct of “some kind of mobilization measures” in Russia.

The department stressed that only a part of the Russian Armed Forces is involved in the military operation in Ukraine, “the number of which is quite sufficient to carry out all the tasks set by the Supreme Commander.

About what media there is a speech, in department did not specify. The Russian authorities have previously repeatedly said that the country will not conduct mass mobilization due to hostilities in Ukraine, and called such media reports “pure fakes”.

In particular, in June plans to announce mass mobilization in Russia were reported by The Guardian, Independent and Daily Record, citing sources among Western officials, as well as Bloomberg. Before that, CNN wrote that the Russian authorities planned to announce mobilization before May 9, which the Kremlin called nonsense.

In late May, Russian Ambassador to the UK Andrei Kelin said in an interview -si that Russia does not need to increase the number of troops participating in the hostilities in Ukraine: “We think that they are enough to deal with the situation.”

The Ministry of Defense did not disclose the number of military personnel involved in the operation in Ukraine. At the end of February, the department only emphasized that contract servicemen and officers were taking part in the hostilities, there were no conscripts among them. On March 9, the ministry acknowledged that some units sent conscripts to Ukraine, but assured that almost all of them had already been taken back to Russia. According to the military prosecutor's office, 600 conscripts were illegally involved in the fighting, and 12 officers were held responsible for this. At the end of July, Shoigu said that there were no conscripts in the zone of military operation.

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Ukraine announced a general mobilization at the end of February. On May 21, President Volodymyr Zelensky reported on May 21 that 700,000 people were taking part in the hostilities on the side of Kyiv. Earlier, he issued a decree on the formation of the International Legion— official division of the country's armed forces, which citizens of other countries can join.

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