The Best And Worst Shows To Binge This Summer

Looking for something to do over the weekend? Fear not! We’ve got you covered.Luckily, we live in a world where there’s no danger of running out of TV shows to watch. The downside of this wonderful insanity is that there’s never enough time in our lives… until now! Of course, your other responsibilities aren’t just going to go poof, meaning not everybody has the time or energy to watch long-running shows. Seriously, there are times when you just need a show to be really damn good and super fast to binge-watch. But can you imagine having to sift through the extensive TV library that network, cable channels, and streaming services have to offer? Well, fret not, people! Whether you are looking to settle in a for long weekend binge-a-thon or whether you are in the mood to sink your teeth into a seasons-long series, we have a diverse must-watch list for everyone. With that said, we are also laying out all the shows you should avoid because, well, they’re real stinkers. Here are some great options we’ve compiled to fulfill your need for a satisfying TV fling. Keep an eye out for what you should watch and what you should skip like your life depends on it. So grab some snacks, your favorite TV-viewing buddy, and — as always — binge with caution!

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