Satanovsky explained how Russia ruined the plans of Kyiv by attacking the port of Odessa

“Here you can only work ahead of the curve”

At the end of July, the RF Armed Forces attacked military targets with Kalibr missiles in the port of Odessa, where, according to the statement of the RF Ministry of Defense, a warehouse was destroyed missiles “Harpoon” and a warship of the Ukrainian Navy. Political scientist Yevgeny Satanovsky is convinced that by his actions Russia destroyed the plan of Kyiv and NATO, which could well become a trap for the Russian Federation.

Photo : AP

On the air of Solovyov LIVE, Satanovsky was glad that the “grain deal” that was concluded in Istanbul did not stop the missile attack on the warehouse with the “Harpoons” and the ship on which they arrived there. In his opinion, the Russian Federation thus demonstrated that the export of grain from Odessa will not affect the course of the special operation, and military targets will continue to be destroyed by precision strikes.

The political scientist stressed that there is no question of any pause for the export of grain, since stopping hostilities is fraught with the fact that the Kyiv regime will arrange another provocation against Russia on its territory.

As Satanovsky noted, all the words about a possible “chemical, bacteriological or nuclear strike” against Ukraine indicate that Kyiv can decide to blow up a chemical plant or a nuclear waste storage facility, blaming Russia for it. The expert is convinced that in the current situation, one can only work ahead of the curve, otherwise the Russian Federation will have to “denazify the NATO bloc” on its own territory.

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