Rare Photos Of Iconic Celebrity Couples

Hollywood has birthed some of the greatest romances of our time, but we’re not talking about the love stories on-screen. Let’s take a closer look at all the iconic celebrity couples whose relationships were the talk of the town. Although most of them broke up, there’s no denying that people are still obsessed with these legendary duos. We’re talking burning hot romances that were either flying under the radar or those that sizzled right in front of the cameras.With no shortage of lovestruck stars, it wasn’t easy to narrow the down the list. Whether these couples have changed the pages of history books, produced the juiciest gossip, or simply inspired the best examples of #relationshipgoals, there are plenty of reasons to swoon over them.It’s no secret that certain celebrity couples have a knack for sweeping the public of their feet. Perhaps it’s their all-consuming love language or the fact that everyone wishes to be them. Whatever the case, there’s always a particular it factor that’s simply irresistible. Not all of these real-life fairytales stood the test of time, but they were great while they lasted. Scroll down below to see the best, rare photos of iconic celebrity couples.

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