Ranking The Saddest TV Episodes Ever

Not all TV shows are created equally. Some are quite the stinkers, while others have an uncanny ability to make you cry your eyes out. Now these are the ones that you really have to look out for. Turning on the waterworks can be therapeutic but once those floodgates open, it can be difficult to close them for good. Seriously. And, we know a thing or two about crying our eyelashes off.If you’re prone to grabbing a box of tissues while watching a TV show, then you’ll love this list. We’ve gathered up all the TV moments that left us utterly devastated. Whether it’s the Grim Reaper who strikes in TV Land, the conclusion of a beloved series, or an inexplicably gut-wrenching moment, there are plenty of small-screen moments that have made us ugly cry. Hard.From This Is Us to Game of Thrones to Stranger Things, there is simply so much to dry heave over. So get ready to lean into your sadness because we are deep diving and paying tribute to the saddest TV episodes ever. Heck, we’re even ranking these heartbreaking moments because we are simply mad! Be warned: There’s no turning back so grab a handkerchief and get ready to sniffle up a storm, TV fanatics.

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