Psychologist appreciated Liz Truss’ fear due to the incident at the debate: not an “iron lady”

A politician with such a mentality should not be allowed to go to the “red button”

The fright and horror on the face of Liz Truss due to the fainting of the host at the pre-election debate showed that the candidate for prime minister in under stress can do the irreparable. MK expert, psychologist Aleksey Lysenko analyzed the reaction of the candidate, who, if he wins, will have the ability to authorize a nuclear strike.

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Recall that the debate of candidates for the premier of Britain ended abruptly after the presenter Kate McCann collapsed on the air. The incident happened exactly during the speech of Liz Truss, who positions herself as a politician with an iron will who is not afraid of Putin.

The reaction of the second “Margaret Thatcher” to the loud noise in the studio turned out to be surprisingly bright and very emotional. After a roar from a falling body was heard in the studio, Liz Truss covered her face with her hands and began to mutter “oh my God!”, And then made an attempt to pull herself together, but she could no longer continue the debate and left the stage.

We asked psychologist Aleksey Lysenko to describe the reaction of the “iron lady”, who, in case of victory, will have access to the “red button” that launches nuclear missiles (Great Britain, along with the USA, Russia, China, France, India and Pakistan, is part of the club of nuclear powers ).

– Of course, it is difficult to describe a person's personality in such a short episode, – said the psychologist. – But I can say that the reaction of Liz Truss was completely natural and genuine, that for this politician a rare case. She had no opportunity, as good politicians do, to portray the right expression on her face. According to this reaction, one can judge that a person does not have iron self-control, a will that a politician certainly needs. It is difficult to imagine such a reaction, say, from the same Margaret Thatcher. Yes, everyone would shudder, but we certainly would not have seen such a degree of horror and fright in the eyes of a person who is ready for such important state affairs. A politician must always maintain his composure and not make hasty decisions in a state of panic. The problem is that a person with a weaker psyche can do this.

Liz Trass gives the impression of a person who really wants to imitate the great ones, and she is ready for anything that will destroy her. She is ready, but even with any readiness to change the type of the nervous system, it is impossible.

According to the psychologist, education can correct behavior, but only slightly:

– Education allows you to develop something, something can be improved by 10-30%. But the features of the psyche are set genetically. A person with a mobile psyche, even a little stress, unsettles him, carries him into emotions. When a person is overwhelmed by emotions, he loses the ability to think logically. In people with the right type of psyche, at the time of stress, this shift occurs, but literally in a matter of seconds it returns to the desired level. They calmly analyze the situation, make a decision. By and large, iron will is an innate quality, it is or is not.

Recall that the United Kingdom is one of the few states with nuclear weapons and has four nuclear submarines armed with Trident II D5 ballistic missiles equipped with nuclear warheads. The UK has about 215 nuclear warheads, although about 120 are operationally available.

Only the British Prime Minister can authorize a nuclear strike – such an order is transmitted to one of the British nuclear submarines with a special set of codes.



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