Proof Florida Movies Are All Bonkers

What images does Florida conjure? Palm trees, swordfish, inflatable flamingos, white sport jackets, Big Gulp sodas, blue cocktails, gold teeth, GATORS, Ricky Martin, old people, dimpled chads, heaps of cocaine, brain-dead politicians, unspeakable crimes, “Florida man,” plague-infested evil lairs? You’re not wrong to imagine any of those options because it all festers in the Sunshine State. However, most of you probably thought of Scarface.Florida movies are another breed. The state claims more dysfunctional characters and absurd stories than any other. (Sorry, Texas.) Some of them are even true! That’s the thing about Florida — those stories you hear on the news that simply can’t be true — they’re all from that hurricane magnet of a peninsula. Why is Florida so bonkers? Maybe it’s the humidity, or the strange brew of weirdoes all in one place. We don’t know. We just love to be freaked out by Florida flicks. Grab your Big Gulp, these are our favorites.

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