Prime Minister of Bulgaria offered citizens to donate their salaries to Ukraine

It is necessary to concentrate on the needs of Kyiv, which Bulgaria can provide, said Prime Minister Kiril Petkov. Earlier, a dispute arose in the ruling coalition of Bulgaria over military assistance to Ukraine alt=”Bulgarian Prime Minister offered citizens to donate their salaries to Ukraine” />

Sofia, Bulgaria

Bulgarian Prime Minister Kiril Petkov announced a fundraiser to help the government of Ukraine and invited citizens to make a donation by transferring their salaries. He wrote about this on his Facebook page (owned by Meta, which is recognized as extremist and banned in Russia).

“I am starting a public campaign to raise funds for the Ukrainian government. I call on every citizen of Bulgaria, who really wants to help Ukraine, to donate their salary, like me, — wrote Petkov.

He added, say the words— easy, but doing things— difficult, and called for “turning Facebook posts into funds for Ukraine.”

According to Petkov, military support for Ukraine requires political and social unity, and in the public space of Bulgaria there are many “extreme” opinions on this matter. In this regard, he proposed to concentrate on those needs of Kyiv that Bulgaria can provide.

In the ruling coalition of Bulgaria, which formed the government led by Petkov, disputes arose over the possibility of military support for Ukraine, Bloomberg reported earlier. The bloc's pro-Russian Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP) is threatening to leave the coalition if arms supplies to Kyiv are approved. At the same time, “Democratic Bulgaria” promised to do the same if Sophia refuses military assistance to Ukraine. Petkov himself said that “personally” supports sending weapons to Kyiv.

After the start of Russia's military special operation, Ukraine has repeatedly turned to different countries with a request for the supply of weapons and military equipment. The United States, Great Britain, Poland and the Baltic countries provide active assistance in this area to Kyiv. Hungary refused to supply weapons and their transit through its territory. Moldova did not want to provide such assistance either, explaining that it was helping Ukraine by hosting refugees.

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In addition to military assistance, Kyiv has repeatedly spoken about the need for financial support for the country from the international community.

According to Ukrainian leader Volodymyr Zelensky, the country's monthly budget deficit is €7 billion a month. These funds are needed to continue paying pensions and salaries, the President of Ukraine noted. His adviser Oleg Ustenko reported that Kyiv had turned to the G7 countries with a request for financial assistance in the amount of $50 billion. In turn, Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal said that after the end of hostilities, the restoration of infrastructure and the new economy of Ukraine in the long term $600 billion will be needed, UNIAN wrote.

Russian authorities oppose “inflating” Ukraine with Western weapons. Moscow has repeatedly stated that convoys with weapons for Ukraine will be considered legitimate targets.

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