Priceless investment. Varia Lukinova underwent surgery

Weekly “Argumenty i Fakty” No. 30. Not the only one in its Mavrodi 27/07/2022

On June 16, Vari Lukinova began a new life. Due to the pathology (the bones of the skull fused too early), the girl's head and face were deformed: the eye sockets turned out to be at different levels and different cuts, her forehead was slanted and there was a dent on it.


At first, the doctors asked the Lukinovs to wait: maybe it would go away on its own. And then they said – to operate the child late. There was only one surgeon who guaranteed the result. Only the plates for operation cost 800 thousand. In a record two days, the collection helped to close the business investor Valery Zolotukhin, who already has many years of experience in systematic charity. From his first project “Equal Opportunities” 13 years ago (Yamal project for disabled children ) Valery made his way to regular support children with severe diagnoses and Russian athletes. He believes that the most reliable investments – always in the future. We believe that such an investment in  Varya Lukinova is priceless.

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