Pampers and antiseptics. AiF and partners sent humanitarian aid to Donbass

Weekly “Argumenty i Fakty” No. 30. Not the only one in its Mavrodi 27/07/2022 Story Russian special operation in Donbass and on Ukraine

Baby food, diapers, toys. Long-term storage products, water, antiseptics. Together with partners, the team of “Arguments and Facts” collected what people in the liberated territories needed and sent humanitarian aid to the Donbass.

The team of the Arguments and Facts publishing house together with the charitable foundation «AiF. Good heart» and partners formed the cargo. We handed him over to the Ministry of Emergency Situations through the Russian Humanitarian Mission, and he has already arrived in Donbas with a humanitarian convoy.

“Almost 45 years ago, when our publication first appeared, we were all citizens of one great country. And for “AiF” there is no difference between our readers on this or that side of the frontier. Help readers wherever they live: in Donetsk or Rostov, in Bryansk or Kherson, in Vladivostok or Lugansk, – our duty, – considers chief editor of “Arguments and Facts” Mikhail Chkanikov.

Photo: AiF-Kind Heart

And this point of view is shared by employees of our large team from different parts of the country where the regional editorial offices of AiF work. The money that was used to buy diapers, which are currently in short supply in the Donbass, as well as other hygiene products for children and adults, was transferred by Aifovtsy from the southern regions, and from Siberia, and from the Far ­East. 

We are glad that there were many caring people around us, and we are grateful to the partners of the publishing house who supported our initiative. Thanks to them, the cargo was replenished with baby food, toys, drinking water, vegetable oil and other long-term storage products, as well as antiseptics necessary in the conditions of devastation.

“For more than 20 years, our company has been taking care of people's health by producing antiseptic products in a modern, convenient form of markers. This format allows you to always carry them with you and disinfect the wound instantly even in the most unpredictable life situation. Of course, we cannot ignore human pain, suffering and deprivation. Therefore, we immediately responded to the call to provide humanitarian assistance to the residents of the DPR and LPR and sent them our products, – said general director of the company «LEKKER» Vladimir Denisov.

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