Our Favorite TV Boyfriends Who’ve Shown Us True Love

For many, many years now, television writers and actors have created love interests that have raised our standards so exponentially high. We’ve seen so many boys come into their leading lady’s life like a bullet train and just changed everything. While, sure, some TV boyfriends have gutted both their love interest and us as viewers, others have raised the bar for all that a boyfriend should be. Joining the ranks of Gilmore Girls’ Jess Mariano, Dylan McKay from Beverly Hills, 90210, New Girl’s Nick Miller, or even Danny Castellano from The Mindy Project, there’s been a whole slew of up-and-coming TV boyfriends ready to take their rightful places in our hearts. While these sweethearts and bad boys all have their own journey to win over their rightful love interest, each of them has gained the Internet’s full attention. All over TikTok, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat, fans just cannot stop simping over these precious love interests who know just how to make our hearts swoon and melt.Don’t you just love love? To pay homage to the best TV boyfriends currently burning up our TV screens, we’ve decided to roundup the best crushes to grace the small screen with their presence.

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