“On the basis of envy.” Prodigies Teplyakov were denied admission to the university?

A child prodigy Alisa Teplyakova, who entered Moscow State University last year, has now decided to go to another university. However, Synergy University refused to enroll a 10-year-old child, as well as an 8-year-old boy, her brother. 

Aif.ru tried to sort out this confusing story. 

The court and the case

On July 22, a father of many children from Moscow Evgeny Teplyakov submitted documents to the Synergy University; for the admission of his 10-year-old daughter Alice and 8-year-old son Heimdall. The children passed the Unified State Examination in three subjects and received the score necessary for acceptance in the university. 

Alisa Teplyakova — the same child prodigy that the media wrote about all last year. At the age of 5, she passed the certification immediately for the first three classes according to the MCKO tests after studying at home with her parents. At 8 years old —&nbsp ;wrote the exam and received a certificate of completion of 11 classes. After that, she entered the Psychiatric Faculty of Moscow State University for a fee. She did not have enough USE points to be credited to the budget. However, the child almost did not go to classes, her parents worked with her at home. And as the session approached, problems began. At the very first exam, the girl in front of strict professors  burst into tears and ran away to her dad, and the parent climbed with his fists on the teachers of Moscow State University. Then they were no longer at the exams. Now Alice is still enrolled at Moscow State University, she will have to retake session in December. If the assessment is unsatisfactory, the girl will be expelled. According to university staff, parents do not get in touch with them. 

Alice Heimdall passed the OGE last year when he was 7 years old, and this year he wrote the exam. And now he is going to university with his sister. 

Last year, Alisa Teplyakova already applied to Synergy University, but she was refused, because she did not score the required minimum score in one of the subjects at the Unified State Examination. Despite this, Alisa's father paid for the contracts for studying at the university. The university explained that “Alice Teplyakova's father, for unknown reasons, made payment under preliminary agreements” (which he was given for review when submitting documents   Ed.) even before the enrollment results issued by the competition commission». At the same time, he made the payment, including with maternity capital. The university then returned the money to Teplyakov. /p>

The trial of the university with the Teplyakov family regarding the non-enrollment of their daughter Alice is still ongoing  However, the stubborn father again brought the documents to the selection committee. 

They didn’t grow up to the university

This year, Alisa retaken the exam in this subject, improved her result and was able to apply for admission. Heimdall immediately scored the required points for admission. 

Heimdall applied documents for 4 directions at the university: management (profile: general management); management (profile: project management), business informatics, economics.

Alisa applied for 5 areas: applied informatics, management (profile: project management), economics (profile: banking), information and systems and technologies, teacher education.

How could a student of another university apply to another one? At the University “Synergy” answered that there is such an opportunity for training on a paid basis. 

Despite the required USE scores, Synergy University once again refused to enroll prodigy children. This time — referring to the fact that, according to the rules of the university, only an applicant who has reached the age of 14 can enter them. Moreover, the rector of “Synergy” Artyom Vasiliev On July 24, he sent an appeal to the Ministry of Education and relevant committees of the State Duma with a request to introduce an age limit for training in higher education programs. He believes that the age limit should be 16 years. 

But Evgeny Teplyakov did not give up and on July 25, 15 minutes before the end of the work of the selection committee (July 25 — this is the last day for submitting documents for admission), again brought Alisa's documents. This time for state-funded places in two programs: information systems and technologies and teacher education. As explained in the university, they were obliged to accept the documents and assign & nbsp; Alisa & nbsp; an internal exam in teacher education. Such was the demand of the Ministry of Education and Science: not accepting — documents means violating the principle of equal access to education. 

“How will a 10-year-old child teach lessons?”

The university administration is trying to draw the attention of the public and professionals to the problem of the age limit of applicants. 

The university does not understand why the Teplyakovs again chose their educational institution, where local regulations set an age minimum for admission. There are many other universities where there is no such restriction. Synergy explained that the limitation is related to the peculiarities of learning.

«Each faculty at university has a pool of partner-employers, where students are sent for internships   explains the rector of "Synergy" Artyom Vasiliev. — According to the Labor Code, an employer in Russia cannot accept children under the age of 14 for internships. How will an an a a a a a a a a year-old child learn our educational program, undergo an internship in the direction of preparation "Pedagogical Education"? After all, it provides for conducting lessons at school.  lessons at school? This is nonsense. How will employers give a child of 10 and 8 years old professors practical skills, without which higher education is impossible? He even thinks like a child.

The rector draws attention to the fact that, in addition to cognitive development, intelligence, there is also a psychological age. Children should develop in a social environment that suits them.                  child            He will hear what it it it it it it to hear and know, will be surrounded by inadequate social relations that can make him a social disabled person. Let the children grow up, the opportunity to acquire the social experience of normal psychological communication with their peers and do not deprive them of their childhood.

Artyom Vasiliev said that he himself has three children: his eldest son — 12 years old, daughter is also 10 and the youngest son is 1 year old. “I worked both at school and at the university,” says the rector of Synergy. — I can't imagine that my children at this age will go to higher education. This is a utopia. And what will happen in 4 years or 5 years, when they graduate from the university? They will be 15 years old! Where will they go to work? This is the murder of childhood.”

The story is clearly not over yet. The Teplyakovs have other child prodigies growing up. There are seven children in the family, the youngest is about a year old. According to their parents, they teach them according to the Elkonin-Davydov system.

Post by Evgeny Teplyakov:

«Probably motivated by envy.

So, yes. Five concluded, signed and paid education contracts (2021), a launched procedure for enrolling in a university.

Extravagant, otherwise you can’t call it, the rector, who by a personal decision blocks the enrollment of a child under paid and concluded agreements signed by both parties with the position “She will not study here”, ready to falsify documents and forgery. Shouts about "didn't score". How,  dear person, can you "not score points" if you have already signed a contract for training on the basis of these very points?

Submitting documents to a university for two children in 2022. Illegal refusal to accept documents, after a call to a lawyer, audio and video recording refusal — applications are accepted "in a special form, for a personal decision by the rector". There is a submission receipt.

Illegal refusal to accept documents for the competition for the budget, on the basis of allegedly missed deadlines. At the same time, the admission rules state that “documents are submitted before July 25”.

Thanks, the rector had the brains not to rewrite the admission rules once again retroactively, otherwise last year he the budget was accepted with scores of 27 in mathematics and 120 in total.

Proper children, probably.

But the hater "opened up", quite large. Position "I don't care about the laws, about the knowledge of children — especially. I just DON'T WANT it because my kids can't do that. Why can the Teplyakovs do it, but I — can't? Forbid and not let let".

An adult uncle, but behaves like an offended toddler.

By the way, we were offered a personal meeting on Monday. Would you like to, Mr. Rector?)

You don’t even have to stutter about the complete disregard for the law regarding the protection of personal data, it seems that this is the norm for the psychological faculty, and now for Synergy».

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