Olivia Wilde’s Mystery Manila Envelope At CinemaCon

Olivia Wilde’s life, well especially her personal life, has been quite exciting over the last two decades — and mysterious too. She married an Italian prince on a school bus at 19. Then she married Ted Lasso Jason Sudeikis a decade later. Then, after that marriage didn’t work out, she started dating ex-boy bander Harry Styles, leaving women (and men) all over the universe in a tizzy. If you believe the Internet chatter, they might actually be engaged now, but neither star has confirmed or even acknowledged the rumor.But those tidbits aren’t exactly why we’re here today. Nope, we’re here because the actress got handed a mysterious manila envelope at CinemaCon this week and now all the Nosy Nellys want to know WTF was in it.

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