Medvedev saw the “ghost of communism” in the idea of ​​EU members to share gas

El País reported on the EU's idea to oblige wealthy states to share gas with the most affected member countries. Medvedev believes that if the EU introduces such a procedure, then “there is not far from food cards”

Deputy Chairman of the Security Council Dmitry Medvedev said that the “ghost of communism” has again entered Europe after the European Commission, according to El País, decided to offer EU members to share gas in the event of a cessation of fuel supplies from Russia. He wrote about this in his Telegram channel.

“Fat Europeans, provided with gas from various sources, are going to be forced to share with the poor, but proud, who do not want to pay Russia in rubles for our fuel. Well, well done, worthy heirs of the two Charles— Marx and Kautsky, — said Medvedev (Kautsky, Marxist theorist, editor of the fourth volume of Capital).

He admitted that the countries — EU members can simultaneously introduce energy rationing, and said that after that “food cards are not far away.”

The EU requirement to share its gas with the most affected countries can be introduced if Russia will decide to stop supplying gas to Europe. This requirement may become one of the points of the plan of the European Commission, which is going to be approved on May 18, the Spanish newspaper wrote. According to this idea, those countries that have alternative suppliers will have to share.

The European authorities will also require energy rationing, which will start with the industrial sector, so that companies in less affected countries do not have a competitive advantage over those in more affected states, El País clarifies.

To ensure sufficient supply of gas to households and social services of all EU countries, Brussels, according to the newspaper, is going to use the gas supply regulation in force since 2017.

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At the same time, the EC believes that out of 155 billion cubic meters. m of gas that comes annually from Russia, two-thirds can be replaced in the future.

Since the start of the military operation in Ukraine, the EU, the United States and other countries began to impose sanctions against Russia, however they have not yet touched on oil and gas imports. On March 23, President Vladimir Putin announced that the Russian side would give up “all compromised currencies” in gas payments. and will accept payment for it from unfriendly countries (in this list, all EU countries, the USA, Great Britain and other states) in rubles.

The European Commission said that the new payment scheme is contrary to the European sanctions regime. Many EU countries refused to pay for gas in rubles. “Gazprom” has already suspended deliveries to Poland and Bulgaria.

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