Lavrov announced NATO’s entry into a “proxy war” with Russia

NATO countries are supplying weapons to Ukraine, thereby entering into a proxy war with Russia, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said with Russia, said in the program “The Great Game” on the “First Channel” Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.

“If NATO, in fact, goes to war with Russia, through a proxy, and arms this proxy, then in war as in war,” — Lavrov said.

The minister also called the military aid to Kyiv another example of “American unscrupulousness when it comes to international law.” He drew attention to the recently announced transfer of Russian Mi-17 helicopters to Ukraine by the United States. Russia sold these helicopters to the United States as part of cooperation to resolve the situation in Afghanistan, and, according to the contract, their transfer to third countries is not allowed without the consent of Moscow, Lavrov said.

“The direction of these helicopters to Ukraine— this is a direct violation of obligations in a very important area of ​​international relations,»,— Lavrov said.

After the start of the Russian special operation, Ukraine repeatedly turned to various countries with a request to provide it with weapons, equipment and funding. The United States, Great Britain, Poland and the Baltic States began the most active deliveries. At the same time, Western countries have repeatedly ruled out the possibility of their participation in hostilities in Ukraine, as well as any decisions that could provoke a direct confrontation between NATO and Russia.

Moscow has repeatedly criticized the United States and its allies for supplying weapons to Kyiv. Lavrov has previously said that any cargo that is considered foreign weapons in Ukraine will be targeted by the Russian military. So, in mid-April, the Russian Ministry of Defense announced the destruction of a logistics center near Lviv with large quantities of American and European weapons.

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