Give not a fish, but a fishing rod. How to choose a vocational training program?

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To teach a new profession under the national project “Demography” over 40 thousand educational programs are available.

Training is conducted by Tomsk State University, RANEPA, and the Agency for the Development of Skills and Professions.

Of course, the lists of professions in the regions are selected according to their specifics – based on the needs of the economy and the situation on the labor market of the territory. And still, dozens and hundreds of programs for training a profession remain in each region. How to choose one of them that will allow you to earn good money later?

Builders necessary beauticians

If you want to work for hire, and not for yourself, then you need to consider exactly where specialists in your region, so that after studying you won’t just be left with a “crust”, without a job.

“We are seeing an imbalance between what citizens choose and what employers demand, – Director of the Academy WorldSkills Russia Svetlana Kraychinskaya notes.– The largest number of applications from citizens traditionally comes in three areas: the service sector (cooks, hairdressers, confectioners, cosmetologists), creativity and design, and information technology. And the labor market needs welders, electricians, auto mechanics and drivers of vehicles. People also come to study for these professions, but more often if training is offered with guaranteed employment. However, if you tell people what specific salary the same electrician or car mechanic can receive, then the reaction is completely different.

According to WorldSkills, last year 4,000 people were trained in construction specialties, although the capacities made it possible to train up to 35,000. The persistent stereotype plays a role that there will always be migrants at the construction site who are difficult to compete with, because they are ready to work for low wages, plus the work is too dirty and time consuming. In fact, construction today is often – this is modern equipment, mechanisms, building materials and working conditions.


How to attract a seamstress

What other professions are in demand in all regions? These are bakers, cooks, educators and elementary school teachers, electricians. This year, many regions choose IT professions. There are also regional specifics. For example, in agrarian regions, this is everything related to agronomy, agricultural machinery, and digital farming. There is also a narrower regional specificity – amber processing in Kaliningrad, a reindeer breeder in Taimyr, coastal fishing in the Primorsky Territory, industrial gardening in the regions of the North Caucasus.

And someone is still sure that to facilitate employment, you need to choose programs that are closer to higher education, – management, personnel management, etc. This is also not always the case. Sometimes it’s worth looking at the most ordinary professions. Recently, work in many areas has changed dramatically, as have salaries.

«Last year, we faced the difficulty of recruiting people for some programs, – Elena Nenasheva, Deputy Head of the Advanced Training Center of the Tomsk Region, told . – For example, in our region no one wanted to work as seamstresses. We met people, asked why. They answered: a dirty shop and little pay. Then we shot a video clip about modern production: what materials the seamstress works with, what equipment, under what conditions, how much she earns. After the release of the story, applications for training in this profession began to arrive. And even when we fully implemented the quota, people continued to call and ask for training. We showed the profession from the inside – and it worked, it became clear to people how to learn and earn money.

“If the local residents of the region respond to tourism and hospitality, it makes sense to master this professional direction and start earning additional income, – advises Chairman of the Arkhangelsk Regional Tourism Association, founder of tourist accelerators in the regions, an expert in tourism management Olga Gorelova. – We have developed the program “Organizer of services in the field of tourism and hospitality” within the framework of the federal project “Employment Promotion”; National project “Demography”. After graduation, the graduate will be able to start his own business – from conducting excursions for individual tourists to creating handmade souvenirs or finding a job in a travel agency.

Remote trend

When developing training programs, Tomsk University focuses on what specialists are required in certain regions, but at the same time takes into account the trend towards remote work.

«For the second year in a row, the most popular training programs – 1C programmer and data analyst, and signing up for any program is easy, – says Mikhail Shepel, Director of the Interregional Center for Additional Professional Education and Employment Promotion, Head of the Institute of Distance Education at Tomsk State University. – And now we are also seeing interest in office work and human resources programs. There are a lot of applications, and employment centers conduct career guidance to help people choose the right direction of study, to offer them all the options. Many are also attracted by training that helps to launch their own business, for example, in the hand-made sphere or in the beauty industry.

This is confirmed and by the director of the Academy WorldSkills Russia Svetlana Kraychinskaya: «Of those who completed their studies last year, about a third became self-employed. They have already registered in this capacity and started to work. But in general, we have already included a self-employment module in all programs, where specialists talk about what opportunities self-employment provides, how to organize yourself for an independent professional activity, how to find customers, etc.».

By the way, the self-employed can now work not only in the service sector. There are self-employed Internet marketers, carpenters and even welders and plumbers, and even system administrators. “A significant part of the self-employed – women. All their feedback boils down to something like this: “We never thought it was possible. Thank you for showing me and helping me take the first step, – the expert notes.

In any case, participation in the – this is a good opportunity to get a new profession for free or upgrade skills in one that people already know, for example, an accountant to take a course in analytics, an entrepreneur – community management, and auto mechanics to learn modern diagnostic technologies. «Employment Promotion – this is a classic situation when people are given not only a “fish” in the form of some kind of bonuses, but a “fishing rod” so that they can develop, – Mikhail Shepel is convinced.

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