Firsthand. Mothers of many children – about themselves, family and happiness

“AiF” with the support of the Internet Development Institute (IRI) launched the project “100 Families, 800 Children”. We want to introduce readers to mothers who have many children and debunk the myths associated with mothers with many children.

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Not scary, but positive

In the project «100 families, 800 children» happy mothers talk about what it means to raise four, five, six and more children. These are active, energetic and active women. They share not only their stories, but also their experiences, give useful advice, show options for solving family problems.

The reader will get acquainted with hundreds of mothers with many children from all over the country — from big cities and small towns. Some of them are raising their children, others — reception rooms. There are those among them who devoted themselves exclusively to motherhood, and there are working women. The portrait of a mother of many children is many-sided and varied. The problems they face and the attitude of others towards a large family — also different. But a great love for children and family unites everyone.

The stories of the heroines of the project debunk the myth that a family with a large number of children — it is difficult, unaffordable, and incompatible with social well-being.

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«Promotion of family values ​​is extremely important, — considers the project partner, head of the Center for Assistance to Large Families “MnogoMama” mother of many children Alina Kontareva. — Project “100 families, 800 children” — this is a story about how ordinary moms and dads cope with a large number of children and consider them their happiness. He says that it is not scary, but positive. Such real stories can be an example for anyone who would like to have many children in the family. I hope the project will have a positive impact on the birth rate in our country.

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We — for big friendly families

On the AiF website; readers will see photos with comments, mini-interviews, a selection of facts, excerpts from the stories of members of large families. The whole project is built in the first person with direct, lively, non-banal speech, humor and genuine emotions.

He will not only introduce readers to motherhood with many children, but also mothers of large families — with each other, as well as programs, communities and associations, where they can get support and realize themselves and their potential.

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“Each family from our project is unique, and its story is worth not just one page, but an entire book. To support and help preserve family values, basic life values ​​- this is the historically established mission of “AiF” and it is out of time and circumstance. It is important and gratifying to talk about love, the children of our country and their amazing parents. We are grateful to the Internet Development Institute for supporting our project. I am sure that the project will be a success and will resonate in the hearts of the large AiF audience, – says the general director of the Arguments and Facts publishing house. Ruslan Novikov.

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Project «100 families, 800 children» implemented with the support of the Internet Development Institute (IRI) and carries an important message: a strong and friendly family — this is the basis of Russian society, and large families — these are happy parents and children.

“100 families, 800 children” — read the stories of mothers with many children on the project website. Now the first 25 stories are posted on the website, the project will be updated every month.

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