Falcons in pants and antique tanks. The most ridiculous ways of smuggling

A Russian tried to take a church bell out of  Yekaterinburg airport to  Uzbekistan. This was reported by the press service of the Ural Customs Administration: the expert decided that the bell is an object of religious worship, therefore it should remain in Russia. Aif.ru remembered the strangest ways of exporting art objects from the country.

The bell as a gift

The bell weighed only 4 kg, the Russian got into a mess and bought it on a private classifieds site and was going to give it as a gift to a business partner from Uzbekistan. He and did not suspect that he was violating the law, so his act still holds the palm in the list of the most ridiculous attempts to smuggle cultural property in 2022 year. Twelve years ago, in 2010, they already tried to smuggle church bells through Yekaterinburg customs — as many as seven pieces. They intended to send them to Bangkok under the guise of a first aid kit. And it has already been qualified as serious smuggling.

Dinosaur Eggs

In July 2009, Polish citizen Chydzik Lukyanwas detained on the border of Russia and Mongolia: he tried to take out fossilized dinosaur eggs. They were in boxes with personal belongings. Chudzik Lukyan assured that the boxes were not his, the countryman simply asked him to transport them, and Lukyan himself did not know what was there. As a result, the eggs went to the museum, and Cudzik was faced with a fine ranging from half to double the cost of smuggling. The cost of a dinosaur egg at international auctions reaches 420,000 thousand dollars, and if he really wanted to please his countryman, then it it was better for him not to do it.


In & nbsp; 2015, the court of the Chelyabinsk region sentenced the Muscovite to & nbsp; three years of suspended imprisonment with a probationary period of 1 & nbsp; year 6 months. A Muscovite tried to take a 1945 T-34−85 tank to Kazakhstan by train. The Muscovite was still lucky, he got off lightly: two criminal cases were initiated under the articles of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation 30 "attempted crime" and 226.6 "attempted smuggling of cultural property".

If Western collectors today are ready to pay 10-15 thousand euros for T-34, then for the same age as T-34 — German «Tiger» — some are ready to shell out 1 & nbsp; million. The unlucky businessmen who in  2006 from the Moscow region through Belarus to the West, under the guise of scrap metal, tried to take out a rare modification of the dismantled German tank T III. Tentatively, it estimated at 500 thousand euros. But  customs officers know their job clearly!


And in the easterly direction, they often try to bring exotic animals — for example, peregrine falcons or gyrfalcons. In the UAE, they are resold to rich Arab hunters. Falcons confiscated at the border are given to  zoos, special nurseries or simply released, and they take root perfectly in the metropolis: they live on high-rise buildings and hunt pigeons. But even them, who have seen everything, were shocked by one "lover of birds". The smuggler wrapped two rare birds, which he tried to smuggle out of the country, in paper and glued from the inside to…underpants. The swaddled birds were quiet, but the strange gait betrayed the man.

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