Expert Shurygin told why Kyiv hits the bridge over the Dnieper

“We need a 'win', there are no other victories”

The Armed Forces of Ukraine (APU) stubbornly, day after day, are firing American HIMARS missiles at the Antonovsky Bridge across Dnieper in the Kheroson region. Shelling in Kyiv is called “preparatory work” for the upcoming attack on Kherson. About why these territories are so important for Kyiv, and whether it is possible to completely destroy the Antonovsky bridge, MK talked with military expert Vladislav Shurygin.

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“The Kherson bridgehead is of strategic importance,” says Vladislav Shurygin. – This is a large territory on the right bank of the Dnieper, a whole area that has been under the control of Russian troops for several months. This is undoubtedly a threat to the Kyiv authorities, because from here we can, without any tension, develop an offensive in the territories that are located on the right side of the Dnieper. This is extremely unnerving for Ukraine.

It is extremely difficult to attack here, because there are steppes all around. You need to have a lot of experience, to have such superiority that would make it possible to suppress the Russian troops stationed here. Considering that Ukraine has neither artillery superiority, nor, moreover, aviation superiority, such an offensive for the Armed Forces of Ukraine will be disastrous.

– Because the bridge is at an accessible distance for flights of “Himers” and even “Tornados” (Soviet multiple launch rocket system of 300 mm caliber. – “MK”). At the same time, it is possible to launch “Tornados” or “Hurricanes” (MLRS of caliber 220 mm. – “MK”) first, which, quite possibly, will not reach the bridge, but will distract the air defense forces. At the very least, ammunition will be spent on them. And while reloading, you can hit this bridge. What the Armed Forces are doing.

For Ukraine, strikes on the Antonovsky Bridge are sacred. Their goal is to tell the nation that they disabled the most important, most important facility, “violated the communications of the Russian troops.” For Ukraine, this is an important “victory” that can be demonstrated. And you can tell how they successfully fight the Russians. There are no other victories. In reality, this does not affect the fighting in any way.

– Strategically destroying the bridge is extremely difficult. It is possible to damage the covering of the bridge itself, but it is very difficult to destroy its load-bearing supports. The bridge was built in Soviet times with a large margin of safety. It can be disabled for a period of six hours to a day, depending on how the ability to pass transport through it, at least military vehicles, will be restored.

But the main thing that Ukraine is silent about is that all the years before the construction of the bridge, which was launched in 1985, a pontoon crossing functioned quite safely here, which has remained to this day. Above this bridge, about 80 kilometers away, there is a bridge across the Dnieper in New Kakhovka. It can be used as an alternative path. This is not counting the fact that military builders can install a floating bridge here in a matter of hours, and more than one. The width of the river under the Antonovsky bridge is 600 meters. And literally two kilometers upstream, the Dnieper already narrows to 400 meters, which, in principle, is already considered a standard crossing for the military.

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In recent years, Russian engineering troops have conducted several large-scale exercises to build pontoon crossings across large rivers, including the Volga.

—Our domestic Buk M-3 (the latest modification of the anti-aircraft missile medium-range military air defense complex. – “MK”). The Pantsir-S1 self-propelled anti-aircraft missile and gun system enters into a duel with the Hymers. Long-range anti-aircraft systems S-400 can also be used. But it is more convenient to use the Buk complexes in relation to a packet strike of six Hymers MLRS missiles. There is only one way we can fight the Hymers – to constantly hunt for him with the help of drones, with the help of reconnaissance. Identify them and methodically destroy them.

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According to military analysts, the Hymers are served by the US military, security is carried out by American private military companies.

– After the referendum is held, and it is fixed that this is our territory, an attack on it will be tantamount to declaring war on Russia. If by this time, of course, there is something left of Ukraine.


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