Everything Coming And Going On Netflix In December 2021

It’s almost 2022! Madness! Wasn’t it just summer? Whatever, we’ll continue binging on Netflix. December 2021 is an exciting month. New, Oscar-favorite Netflix original films like The Power of the Dog and Don’t Look Up are coming soon. And new seasons of original TV series like Cobra Kai and Emily in Paris are on the calendar too. The bad news is Netflix is purging a slew of its non-original movies. Favorites like Titanic, My Fair Lady, Ghost, Gladiator, Magnolia, and Do the Right Thing, among many others, will leave the site in December.First, check out all the most-anticipated new Netflix additions next month and, then, the full list of everything coming and going on Netflix in December 2021. (Editor’s note: This list applies to Netflix in the United States only.)

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