Erdogan announced Putin’s desire to cooperate with the manufacturer Bayraktar

According to the President of Turkey, Russia expressed interest in cooperation with Baykar, and the UAE offered to build a factory for the production of Turkish drones on its territory

Baykar stand at the SAHA EXPO exhibition in Istanbul

Russian President Vladimir Putin expressed his desire to establish cooperation with the manufacturer of combat drones Bayraktar, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said, CNN Turk reports.

“Putin told me that he wants to work with Baykar,” — he said at a meeting of the Central Executive Committee of the ruling Justice and Development Party.

At the same time, the UAE, according to him, announced its desire to build a factory for the production of Turkish drones on its territory.

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Bayraktar TB2 has been in service with the Turkish Navy since 2014. UAVs can be used both day and night, they are equipped with laser guidance systems. The combat load of one device consists of four missiles with a range of up to 8 km (for some modifications up to 16 km).

One of the main buyers of drones is Ukraine, which began to acquire them from the beginning of 2019. The exact number of drones purchased by Kyiv is unknown— The data has been classified since 2021. Turkey previously called the sale of Bayraktar drones to Ukraine a deal “not against Russia.”

At the end of May, the Lithuanian television channel Laisves TV launched a fundraiser for the purchase of Bayraktar for Ukraine. The TV channel managed to raise €5.9 million. However, Baykar agreed with the public that the collected money would be used for humanitarian aid to Ukraine, and the drone, painted in the colors of the Ukrainian and Lithuanian flags, would be donated.

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