Der Tagesspiegel: the Ukrainian crisis has exacerbated the split of West and East Germany

The crisis in Ukraine has revealed a gap in the views between the inhabitants of West and East Germany.


The newspaper Der Tagesspiegel, citing Forsa research company, reported that the crisis in Ukraine has revealed a gap in the views between residents of West and East Germany.

The publication clarifies that polls conducted among local residents in recent months, showed that in the issue of the situation in Ukraine, residents of the West and East of Germany “come to very different assessments.”

In particular, 34% of residents of the East believe that the German government is doing too much to support Ukraine. At the same time, in the West, only 18% of the population holds this opinion.

The biggest differences between the West and the East exist in the issue of arms supplies. Judging by the data of several polls since the beginning of May, from 54% to 61% of Germans living in the west of the country were in favor of arms supplies to Ukraine. In turn, in the east of the country, 32% of the population supported such actions.


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