Celebs Who Auditioned For ‘SNL’ But Didn’t Make It On The Show

Saturday Night Live has long been a part of our cultural zeitgeist, often delivering timely sketches that make us laugh over and over again. Not only is the late-night sketch comedy series funny and entertaining, but it (and showrunner Lorne Michaels) cast and launched the careers of many comedians who all got their big break on the program.Stars like Kristen Wiig, Jimmy Fallon, Andy Samberg, Eddie Murphy, Will Ferrell, and Maya Rudolph are all household names by now. But, they started out where the current cast members stand now: performing in various sketches and segments each weekend on SNL. The list of former SNL darlings who’ve made it big-time could go on and on. But, to make it to Studio 8H is a big achievement in itself, and many comedians didn’t even make it past their auditions.Comics and performers know all too well that failure is a part of the biz. Because SNL can only hire a select number of cast members each season, failure is inevitable for many hopefuls. While not everyone may have made the final SNL cut, there are some famous stars who have made it big without starting on the stage at 30 Rock.

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