Celebrities Who Worked Together After Breaking Up

When you mix business with pleasure, you get a boatload of awkwardness. Yikes, indeed.It’s no secret that dating at your workplace is usually frowned upon but that rule is thrown out the window when it comes to the beautiful people of Hollywood. Tons of celebrities have hooked up on set only to break up several months or years later. While this doesn’t make their jobs any easier, it certainly makes for great gossip. Sure, there are the select few who have risen above the pettiness and found a way to remain amicable. Yet, there are plenty of other celebrities who have found it quite difficult to work with their ex. Nothing is easy when it comes to the matters of the heart, right?From Riverdale hotties to Kissing Booth cuties to sexy X-Men superheroes, both TV and film stars have fallen victim to this curse. Bumping into an ex is hard enough but working with them is a whole different level of insanity. Alas, the show must go on even if that means kissing your ex on camera. Here are all the celebs who’ve had to suck it up and push through the pain after they broke up with their co-stars.

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