Battle for Russia

There is no “peace party” in Russia, about which telegram “insiders” are buzzing. There is a capitulation party. For the last 35 years, the triumphant bureaucracy fed it, and generations of "handshaking common people  with good faces" comfortable surrender: the main thing – surrender to the West. Give him everything he needs, get his thirty pieces of silver and consume fashionably on them.

Photo: Natalia Governor's

These – iron principles of the comprador bourgeoisie and bureaucracy, which for many years have processed the Soviet heritage into personal wealth. A one generation of citizens and a a dozen generations of officials  ​

And then the instinct of self-preservation began to wake up in Russian civilization, including authorities. ​ Effective managers», even if and notice something, write it off    ;to "stupid propaganda". 

They are writing off even now, dreaming that just about, by the May holidays, in August, they will finally sign a peace treaty with Ukraine, and everything will go on as before: for someone – as before covid, someone – like before Putin. And they don’t want to hear about the mobilization economy, about its transition to a military footing, about the need to fight, and not to ‘operate’.

​Partly they are right – after all, the instinct of self-preservation of Russian civilization has not really awakened yet.

After all, the army did not turn Ukraine from Poland to the Dnieper into a zone of chaos, without touching neither control centers, nor railways, nor electricity, nor even television.

​After all, officials say that the main task of Russia &ndash ; not create inconvenience to the “Western partners” who have stolen hundreds of billions of dollars and are now trying to destroy us.

After all, the support of our peacekeepers is officially characterized as “unacceptable”, the army needs humanitarian assistance, and the customs is doing its best, with all digital thoroughness blocking this humanitarian aid: bulletproof vests must not be allowed in, because they can be used in hostilities!  Social networks according to the complaints of our fellow citizens prohibit advertising symbols of the special military operation.

And the fate of the front is now being decided in struggle within the Russian state: between the instinct of self-preservation of the people and the capitulation party. ​"Special military operation" – the war with the West on the territory of Ukraine is now for Russia's right to exist. .

​The task of the West – the destruction not of a specific “regime”, but of Russian culture and Russian civilization. And it's not just about resources: as Europeans, as long as we live, we will tease its peoples all the time with an example of the opportunity to live like a human being, in fairness, for each other's sake, and not for the sake of money.

​We are not we understand the depths of our difference from the West: its civilization was formed within the framework of capitalism for the sake of profit, and ours before it, for the sake of man himself – and this difference cannot be erased.

​We are not aware of it, but the West sees it very clearly – and is trying to destroy us not only as an economic competitor with a colossal resource base, but also as a country committed to a completely different way of life.


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