Barleyjuice – State Of Desiree Lyrics

On a Christmas night, on a Dublin flight,
we did toast with stars in our eyes.
And the lights of New York City shone,
like a million diamonds from the sky.

We had come to work in the promised land,
where we dreamed we’d be happy all the day.
Now it’s been two years and I am left here,
in the state of Desiree

In the bustling throng of the customs queue
we were tired and yearned just to lay.
And we separated without thought
at the hand of the TSA.

And I answered questions about me youth,

and they searched me and let me walk away,
and when I turned around she could not be found,
my darling Desiree.

Let the rain fall down upon my brow,
for my love has gone awry.
Did she leave me here for a Yankee boy,
on the dos-legged blue S flight(?)
Did she lose recall, has she been detained,
Was she linked to the IRA?
Oh the years go by and I’m not set free,
From the state of Desiree.

The years go by, I am not set free,
The state of Desiree.

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