Armed Forces of Ukraine in Semyonovka use civilians as a “human shield”

In Semyonovka in the DPR, the Ukrainian military has equipped firing points in residential areas, deployed artillery and multiple launch rocket systems, from which they constantly fire at the positions of the Russian Armed Forces and troops of the Donetsk People's Republic. At the same time, residents are kept in their houses, actually hiding behind them as a “human shield”, according to the Telegram channel of the Russian Ministry of Defense.

Ukrainian militants, under the threat of using weapons, allegedly for the needs of territorial defense, take away valuable property and food from citizens . People who resist in any way are accused of pro-Russian views and are subjected to physical violence.

In Druzhkovka, in proflyceum No. 36, Ukrainian territorial defense units are deployed, checkpoints and firing points have been deployed, the approaches to the educational institution have been mined, but the local population is aware of this they did not specifically notify.

In Zalizny, in the House of Culture on Pioneer Avenue, the Armed Forces of Ukraine equipped a strong point, placed weapons and ammunition depots. At the same time, local residents were not evacuated from nearby houses.

In Artemovsk, on the lower and upper floors of the MKD on Rozhdestvenskaya Street, Ukrainian militants equipped firing positions and ammunition depots. Residents were forbidden to leave their apartments. All attempts by citizens to evacuate themselves are cruelly suppressed.

Earlier, the Russian Ministry of Defense stated that information about a certain mobilization of the RF Armed Forces, which is being disseminated by a number of foreign media, is unreliable.

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