America sentenced Ukraine for the sake of military weakening of Russia

New US strategy: conflict without a deadline

There are three statesmen: our Lavrov, Pentagon chief Lloyd Austin and Verkhovna Rada speaker Ruslan Stefanchuk. They do not talk to each other, but make statements like separately, but the overall picture is obtained. From these statements in recent days, the picture is as follows: Ukraine has been sentenced. The West, unlike Russia, decided to write off the Ukrainians as expendable, and the “hot” phase of the conflict will be dragged out by the West regardless of what happens to Ukraine.

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Stefanchuk, having talked with the visiting overseas guests, Austin and US Secretary of State Blinken, briskly changed his shoes. Back in March, he spoke about the possibility of changing the Constitution of Ukraine in terms of joining NATO. And now he said that Ukraine will not remove from the Constitution the provisions on the course for the country's entry into the alliance. He cannot fail to understand that guarantees that Ukraine will not join NATO is one of Russia's invariable demands and one of the goals of a special military operation. He cannot fail to understand that this goal was publicly outlined by Vladimir Putin. And Putin will not refuse it. This means that the NWO will continue and all negotiations against its background with this approach will be maximum about humanitarian corridors.

But why such a sudden change of position? Yes, all from the same – ordered. In vain, perhaps, guests from across the sea came?

So you should listen to Austin. And he says, “We want Russia to be weakened to the point where it's no longer capable of something like invading Ukraine.” And according to CNN, the new wording of Washington's strategy is “Russia is coming out of the conflict weaker than before.” And US efforts will be directed “on the Russian defense industry in order to undermine the economic and military power of Russia.” Which, in fact, means more and more arms supplies to Ukraine – “investment in the neutralization of the Russian army and navy for the next decade”, exhausting our army and military-industrial complex. Means the same “war to the last Ukrainian.” And this despite the fact that earlier US officials allowed a settlement through negotiations.

Sergey Lavrov answered all these somersaults in his last interview. For example, he outlined the position that Russia is just not indifferent to the fate of Ukrainians. Of course, he said, everything will end with a treaty, but the parameters of this treaty will be determined by the stage of hostilities at which it will be concluded. If translated from diplomatic language, this means: the longer you delay, the less chance you have to bargain and save at least something for yourself, but it's up to you.

Lavrov also repeated once again something quite obvious: any foreign military equipment and any weapons on the territory of Ukraine will become a legitimate target for the Russian army. Indeed, it is so obvious that it is not clear why it should be said out loud. But. First, the West has become so accustomed to its own inviolability over decades of undivided domination that it simply does not understand how its democratic howitzers can be destroyed. So, so that later they don’t shout: “What are we for?”, They are warned. Secondly, the meaninglessness of these deliveries is indicated. And, by the way, it is also indicated by actions. Until the delivery of heavy weapons began, the Russian army destroyed six nodal traction substations on the Ukrainian railway network in one day. This drastically complicates the delivery of heavy weapons to the units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and the trains standing “in traffic jams” on the tracks become an easy target for strikes.

And again, according to CNN, it is precisely the harsh, unrestrained strikes that the US authorities are afraid of, and therefore see restrictions in terms of arms supplies to Ukraine. Since it will be too obvious who is “kindling”. There is also the main fear – a nuclear conflict. Lavrov, of course, said that nuclear war was unacceptable. But he made a reservation that the probability of such a conflict is now high. And so that no one had any doubts about the capabilities of Russia, the Sarmat took off. The latest intercontinental ballistic missile that overcomes any missile defense system. And, importantly, this is not a propaganda trick and not a single copy. “Sarmat” will go into service with the Strategic Missile Forces already this year, the first regiment with new missiles is planned to be formed this fall.

How will the conflict between Russia and the United States develop in the territory with all these new inputs, aspirations and restrictions? Ukraine, it will become clear in the coming weeks – during the first attempts to transfer heavy Western weapons to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. And now we can state that there is no hope for a speedy resolution of the situation.


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